Regular Bingo Sessions (February Sessions)

February Regular Sessions 

Buchanan Bear Bingo
Saturday Nights  

Special Game given on each
Saturday- To be played at the 
End of the Month Paying $300!!!

Feb 1:  Put the 'O' Back in Bingo
Regular Games Pay 5 Times the 
First 'O' Ball Called!!!
All 4 Specials Pay $400
Lucky 7 pays $500
Speed 1-4 Pays $300
Speed 5 Pays $350
Crystal Ball Pays $300

Feb 8th:  All 4 Specials FREE,
Plus Special Valentine's Treat!!!

Feb 15th:  FREE Pull Tab Paying $300
FREE Combo and 1-2-3
Feb 22nd:  The Special Game you
collected on each Saturday this
month will pay $300!!!
Plus, End-of-the-Month and 
Birthday Drawings

Timberwolves Bingo
Sunday Nights

Feb 2nd: Early Birds pay $300 &
FREE Pull-tab Pays $250!!

Feb 9th:  All 4 Specials FREE &
Single Winner on Regular
Games Picks a Buddy.
Buddy receives $5!

Feb 16th:  All EVEN Regular Games
Pays $300 & FREE Treat!!

Feb 23rd:  All ODD Regular Games
Pays $300!! Plus, End-of-Month
and Birthday Drawings

CJSL Bingo    
Tuesday Nights

Feb 4th:  Specials Pay $300
& FREE Pull-tab Paying $250!!!

Feb 11th:  Happy Valentine's Day!!
Sweet treat for ALL & ALL 4 Specials

Feb 18th:  All ODD Regular Pay

Feb 25th:  Early Birds Pay $300,
Speed 5 Pays $500 &
End-of-Month & Birthday