Sales Information


Paper Buy-Ins

1 Pack:  $10.00

2 Packs: $15.00

3 Packs: $20.00

Each additional Paper Pack: $2.00

Special Games

Early Birds

(Single Sheet 12 On) 3 Game Progressive:

1st sheet: $5.00

Additional Sheets (2nd Early Birds): $3.00 ea.

4 Special Games Throughout the Night all $1 ea.
(Trade-ins Allowed)

Red, White & Blue (Pattern: 4 pack, 6 pack & 9 pack) on a 3V

Double Action (Pattern: Blackout) Single Card Sheet

Combo (Pattern: 3 Double Bingos on a 3V

1-2-3 (Pattern: Single Bingo, Double Bingo & Triple Bingo) on a 3V

Crystal Ball

An 8 spot Bingo Card Game played either on Paper
or Electronically. Cost is $1.00 per card

Speed Bingo

5 Games for $5.00 (Played at the end of the 
Session and only available for purchase after

Pull Tabs

Regular Pull Tabs and Special Event Pull Tabs
are available for $.25, $.50 or $1.00
depending on the game.

Handheld Computers

  Comes With 3 Packs of Paper

The Traveler is a Clamshell Style Handheld

 Cost is $36.00 and is loaded with 10 packs of 
electronic Paper and 2 each of the Double                                                        Action Special Game on Electronic Paper

                    The Explorer is a Free Standing Handheld

            Cost is $50.00 and is loaded with 12 Packs of Electronic
            Paper, the 1st Early Bird, and 2 each of all 4 Specials


Extra packs, Early Birds, Specials, and Crystal Ball may be added to
any handheld Computer package at the Point of Sale, as well as
through Up-sales from the Floor after the Session begins